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Address: No 9, Jianye Road, High-tech Industrial

   Development Zone, Leshan City, Sichuan

   Province, P.R.China

Tel: +86-833-3525666  +86-833-3515782
Fax: +86-833-2596980

Leshan Topraycell Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Topray solar co., Ltd (stock code: 002218 abbreviated TOPRAYSOLAR)which is well-known Listed photovoltaic company. Topraycell is a pioneer solar cell manufacturer in Sichuan province, who filled the blank of "Leshan (National) silicon material development and use of industrial by-product base" downstream industry chain link.

The products basically cover the entire PV industry chain, from monocrystalline silicon rod / crystal ingots, wafers, monocrystalline solar cells and modules, polycrystalline solar cells and modules, solar control and inverter equipment and so on. We also provide the services of design, installation and maintenance for PV station. We are becoming a leading domestic PV "one stop" supplier of photovoltaic products.

Topraycell are planning investment not less than 30 billion in 5 years time to focus on creating " Topray Solar (Leshan) Photovoltaic Industrial Park." As the biggest PV projects in Leshan and major construction projects in Sichuan Province, domestic independent exploration of the longest chain of crystalline silicon solar cells will be located here. The industrial park covers an area of 1,000 acres. The 500KW photovoltaic power station will install one the roof of the Industrial Park Administration Center Building which provide electricity for normal use. The power station projects will be the only one of Ministry of Construction approved building "BIPV" demonstration project in Sichuan province.

Topraycell emphasis on "independent research and development and innovation" and make effort to build China's own brand of "high efficiency low cost" photovoltaic products. Our R & D team has undertaken a number of ministries, national research projects, who have practical experience of nearly 10 years of photovoltaic product development process. We possess complete solar cell production technology from the crystal pulling, slicing / polycrystalline silicon ingots into solar cells, components, end-application products. Our independent research and development production of monocrystalline solar module has passed the Work Committee of IEC61215 and IEC61730 international electrical certification. Strong technical support, excellent quality & perfect service system laid its global sales network which will be accepted by domestic and foreign customers and recognition.

Topraycell has been included in "Leshan silicon material development and use of industrial by-product of the backbone enterprises", which was named "key construction project in Leshan City Investment Promotion advanced unit" and "foster innovative enterprises in Sichuan enterprises." Construction projects are included in the "2009 Major Project of Sichuan Province", "Leshan City in 2009 major construction projects", etc..



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